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Auto join support sessions

Michelle Barr 7 years ago updated by Darron Bitter 5 years ago 3

In prior versions it allowed you to default your option to 'auto join' your support session.  Please add this feature back, at least as a user option if they want this to happen or not because it currently requires an extra step.

Hi Michelle,

The Legacy Public Session Creation extension may solve your request.


Give it try, and let me know if it meets your needs. 

I tried the Legacy Public Session Creation extension. It doesn't make things better.

Normally, you need at least 2 steps to join a support session: 1 click to create it and 1 click to join it.

Even with the Legacy Public Session Creation extension's "Create and Join" feature enabled, you still need at least 2 steps.

This is because, after using 1 click to create the session, the "Session Information" window appears, where you're prompted to set the values for Session Name and Session Code.

Even if you leave these blank and click the join button straight away, that's still a total of 2 clicks.

So it's no different.

If we could have the option to auto join any session upon creation that would be great.   

I would like it specifically for meetings. I have some less technical users that Create meetings, if it auto joined after creation that  would simplify the process at least a little bit. And simplicity is better in this case.