New Trigger Action: Run a command on a machine

Xyvir 7 years ago updated by connectwise com 11 months ago 8

Right now we can only send HTTP and SMTP events based on triggers. It would be nice to run commands automatically on machines when certain criteria are met, this seems like this would fit in fine within the existing 'trigger' framework.

As a use case, we have Labtech and Screenconnect, and sometimes the Labtech agent fails when the ScreenConnect agent doesn't. We can remedy this by running a 'net start LTService' command from the ScreenConnect Host command window. It would be nice if we could automate this somehow.



Yes, this has been in product since at least 19.0, if not earlier! 



6.7 will contain a new action type called Add as Session Event. Once the event filter is met, the event action(s) you configure will fire off. 

Here are examples - 

Add a note to session once host has connected.

Run ipconfig once host has connected. 


It'd be great if we could add line breaks in the 'Data' field, so that we can use the #!ps prefix to fire off a PowerShell command.

Hi Simon, 

Seems like you might be better served by putting your PS in the toolbox, and triggering the toolbox item. You can set up a triggered toolbox item by adding a Session Event action to your trigger. The EventType is QueuedTool, and the data is the name of the toolbox item. 

Hope this helps!

Hi Caitlin,

Thanks for your suggestion! I’d still like the ability to add line breaks, though. That way, I can set up another trigger that fires based on RanCommand’s event data.

this says it's roadmapped for 6.7. is it available in the latest release yet?


Yes, this has been in product since at least 19.0, if not earlier! 

Just a note for future self. Was trying to get triggers to go to Discord webhook. Either because of the format of the payload, or that it was missing a user-agent string I couldn't get it to work directly. Had to pass it thru a n8n middleman to clean/restructure the payload to get it working.