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Windows 10S Client

Shane Grocke 7 years ago updated by Elizabeth McMurray 1 year ago 7 1 duplicate

Now that Windows 10S is out and Applications are locked to the Microsoft Store - we need to still ScreenConnect to our clients using Windows 10S but cannot install the client.  Can the client be added to the Microsoft Store?

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We are starting to see more of this as well.  We just move over to connectwise control and currently Bomgar (or previous product) works on this.  Is this a work around with this?

Just reached out to helpdesk about this and wanted to +! this issue. Our users are starting to use the Surface GO and we need a way to continue to support them remotely.

Hi ConnectWise Team,

As Charles and Jason have indicated there is more demand for AutoMate to support newer operating systems i.e. Windows Surface GO and MAC OSX Big Sur.

We are getting a huge demand for Windows Surface GO and MAC OSX Big Sur, however we are unable to provide Automate patching which is a massive hit to our Support and Bottom Line.

Can we please get dev team on to this a.s.a.p?


Dominik Zielonka

We have been seeing more and more S mode computers as well, the fact that we can not remote them makes our job a lot harder. please implement this sooner than later. it has been under review for 2 years. 
Its great that there is the screen connect app in the windows store for us to remote connect from windows S but we really need to be able to remote them

Just ran into this today... Totally insane. Definitely need a 10S app in the Microsoft Store for Support Sessions.

Even if it is not a 10S installation, if the PC is set to run Apps from the store only, the ConnectWise Control App does not launch!! There are no end use instructions provided either

Just adding in, that this would be really useful to have connectwise working in the Microsoft store for client connects.

User was not in S mode but kept being redirected to the store; even though they were set to run apps from anywhere in their windows settings. However the store version would not work for a non-technician connection.

They didn't get an option to enter a code the same way an android user using the app would.