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Add a log off button to the Miscellaneous tab.

oscar wilkinson 7 years ago updated by Duane Briggs 6 years ago 3

Add a log off button to the Miscellaneous tab in access sessions, to log off the currently logged in user.

Hi Oscar,

Could you explain what benefit(s) you're seeking w/ this request? What is the problem you are trying to solve?

Is your issue similar to this one?  http://product.screenconnect.com/topics/989-force-user-logoff-when-users-closes-screen-connect-session-with-x/


Similar, however automatic logging off on closing SC session would be a bit too heavy handed, as technicians may want to leave processes running etc. Maybe having a pop up asking if you want to log the user off when using the x at the top would fulfil both?

We would also like that feature. On certain unattended machines, we would like to log the user out of windows on SC session close.