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Ability to change column width under Roles (in Security section)

Patrick Vroonland 7 years ago updated by jason603 5 years ago 2 1 duplicate

Our permissions to the server are based on Active directory groups. Because we have many countries and subsidiaries we need to be able to identify those. This is especially needed for Access Sessions. Each subsidiary is only allowed to see his/her own access sessions. Our AD names are very long because of this but we only see a part of the name under the roles section. Now we can not identify the names anymore. Should be create if we could adjust the width of the column.

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The first request to change this was placed two yeas ago, and still under review!!!

How long will it take now to implement this? I hope not again two years.

Please implement this.  As of right now I cant see full names or roles and is making very difficult to find users under the internal section.  Thank you,