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Remove printers from disconnected sessions

CHIV 7 years ago updated by capos 3 years ago 5

I would like to suggest the logic to be added or changed for removing printers. I opened a case with support that informed me of 3 scenarios that keep "stale" printers "stuck" on a computer.

The full article is here: https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Host_client/Remote_printing_overview but the 3 points it makes are:

Printers left on a remote machine
There are three cases in which a host's printers will still be visible on a remote machine after a session:

A host loses connectivity during a session
A host reboots the remote machine and disconnects from a session before the machine has rebooted
A host switches user accounts before disconnecting from a session

So, OK, I can see how we get into the situation of printers being left behind...But these are all common scenarios. Most IT departments, particularly on servers will LOG OFF before disconnecting the remote session, causing printers to be left behind. The SC technician provided me some commands to remove the printers manually, but if I can run the commands, why can't ScreenConnect simply perform the same function to remove the mapped printers after a host is disconnected.

In summary, this request is to have ScreenConnect remove printers after host disconnects (properly or improperly). Maybe this can be a timeout that is set on the ScreenConnect server.

Open a powershell or a command prompt in privileged exec mode ( administrator ) or use the screen-connect command shell and copy and paste below replaceing YOURUSERNAME with the printers that contain your username

wmic printer where "name like '%(YOURUSERNAME)%'" delete


Guys, you are asking your paying clients to do regular maintenance to compensate on your bad coding. HOW ABOUT YOU JUST FIX IT!


Yes!  I have been running into this issue way too often lately. 

Any update on this? With the recent integration into Continuum, we are seeing printer multiply on client systems quite fast. The previous cleanup command also fails to work as the local username can be different than the Connectwise Control username passed to sessions.

Seeing it here too.