Allow tech to set a notification when a computer comes back online

starr 7 years ago updated by Sascha Skeries 3 years ago 6

Sometime a computer may be rebooting and it takes quite a while to reboot, or there may be some issues that slowed the reboot. I would like to be able to set on a per session basis a notification for a machine coming back online. Best if there was a check box in the session that says notify when online.

This would be extremely handy - especially being able to set/control this on an individual Access Session/Client basis.  We have a number of Access Session machines that are offline for long periods of time (in some cases days or even weeks), and may only be online for an hour (or less) at a time.  Attempting to schedule work on these machines is extremely difficult - so this Notification Feature would be extremely handy!   

You can setup a trigger to alert you when a machine comes online: Event.Type = 'Connected'


Not sure this is practical.

- Not every support user (in our environment at least) has access to Administer Triggers

- We often only want to be alerted when a single Access Session (re)connects - (not our entire fleet of machines) - and having to manually create/edit a Trigger for each individual Access Session would be cumbersome

That said - I'm sure someone could easily create an Extension that was bound to the Access Session (Rightmouse Click) Menu to create/edit enable or disable an individual "Alert when (re)Connects" Trigger - therefore adopting EBell's suggestion, whilst delivering ease of use.  Perhaps that someone might be the Developers? 


Yes it would be nice if development picked this up for core or an extension; however, was offering a workaround until then. 

As a follow-up, in the linked forum post it discussed using custom properties to define those you would like to receive an alert on. You could set a default trigger and have the support personnel modify the appropriate custom property with the predefined keyword. 

This would indeed be very helpful for workstations that need working on independently of the customers user working on that machine.