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Disk Information at "General Menu"

Accuracy Solutions 7 years ago updated by Kunta Kinke 2 weeks ago 10

Would be good to see the space available / total space for all hard drive (like Available Memory). It is a good intel to know.

It would be good to know if the processor is 64 or 32 as well.

Considering for Future Release

Our next release will include available and total memory on the general information tab!


What about Hard Drive Disk Space information?


Would also be great to see if the hard drive is SSD or HDD, model number will also be useful to determine hard drive type (nvme vs sata for m.2 drives)


Reviving an old thread... we got CPU and memory info, can we please get hard drive information too? Would help tremendously with day-to-day technical support.

I agree too. It should be simple/easy task for SC to add these info in a small panel somewhere, like on GENERAL tab where the rest of the info, such as Name, IP, Domain,etc is.

Now, for those that wants fancy info on 1 GUI (and I mean everything in it), I'm using external small-free-software (you see SC you force us to use 3rd party for this simple task..and we have to pray for years!) use SPECCY from ccleaner.com (very famous high reputation tools website in IT market), I believe you have to install it first, and then use only the .exe on your share/public folder, you can use it also via backstage (I love backstage, you don't need to bother user at all, waste of time). Don't be lazy and give me a thumbs-up if it helped you. xD

M.. little correction to my post above: SPECCY will give you all info, including Hard Disk.. except free space info. xD
However, thru this simple line on COMMANDS (backstage) or CMD prompt and you'll get it instantly: 
dir|find "bytes free"


fsutil volume diskfree c: (must be run elevated)