Control Session -> Static Connection

Greg 7 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 5

Instead of receiving a guest link and ID to connect, have the Control Session button set to bring up the ScreenConnect software for the assigned machine. Currently, if I wanted to connect to someone I would just go to my ScreenConnect URL and find them... I wouldn't send them a guest link. Seems like a pretty basic function.

Hi Greg, 

I need a few more details. Are you looking for a way the guest can join a session without opening a browser? We have the extension, SOS deployer that gives an end-user the ability to request help from a .exe placed on their desktop. 


That button right there in ConnectWise just does this:

It only makes a link to send out to the client, but this client is already added for me in Screen Connect and has the agent installed on her machine. My routine right now is that I'd open up this ticket then I'd have to go to another window and scroll down or search for this person in my ScreenConnect webpage then connect. It'd just be convenient to click "Control Session" and join.

Thanks for the clarification. So, it seems you'd like to join an access/pre-existing session from a Manage ticket, is that correct? If so, I can pass this request up to the Manage team. I suggest you add this request to their forum since they own the integration and prioritize all requests that come in. 


That's correct. Thanks!