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Permissions - Enable chat only for a user

Stbrown 7 years ago updated by Simon 3 years ago 5

 It would be nice to have permissions for a user to be able to use the chat feature without giving them full access to join a session.

Are you referring to a host?  This option is available through role based security:  https://docs.connectwise.com/ConnectWise_Control_Documentation/Get_started/Administration_page/Security_page/Define_user_roles_and_permissions. It will allow a host to chat through the host page with eligible licenses.

Please provide more information, if this does not fulfill your request. 

Under Review

Sorry, the above post is incorrect. This remains a feature request!

This would be critical to my team's operation to be able to provide least privileged access to stat support initiation.  


I second this request. The chat function is currently interconnected with the JoinSession permission. Would it be possible to break it out into its own permission to allow users to chat, but not connect using the Connectwise Control Web interface.

Yes, please create a separate "SendMessage" permission distinct from the JoinSession permission!