Add "License Expired" notice to Host page so no one wastes time troubleshooting

Paul Hirsch 7 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 1

We spent a lot of time this morning doing technical troubleshooting of what turned out to be a licensing issue.  When an upgrade license was ordered on Friday it was not immediately applied.  The previous license was deactivated and all agents reported as offline 24 hours later.  The only places to see the license was expired were by opening a host client connection (which was not done since all the agents were offline), or by logging in as Superadmin and going to the License page.  (We minimize the use of our superadmins accounts for security.)

A simple popup or notice on the Host page of "Unlicensed" would have avoided all that wasted time.   We will thank you and your own support people will thank you.