Report showing all computers a user connected to

Alan Tonn 7 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 2

I am not the admin of our IT consulting companies ScreenConnect system so I am uncertain if this is possible yet or not. I perform a lot of tasks using ScreenConnect throughout my day and at the end of my day I have to enter time into our ticketing system. 

Because a lot of what I do, I try to do through ScreenConnect, even when I could walk over to the computer, is recorded in the timeline tab in the web interface, I use it to help me not only figure out what I did but how long I was connected and working on a problem. I find this timeline feature very valuable.

However, it would be even better if I could some how see all the computers I have connected to in a day through a timeline that would be showing my users activity over all the computers at once. This timeline would be even more helpful for remembering all the computers I have connected to in a day. That would stop me from missing some entries that I should have made.

Is there a way to get that kind of a timeline and if so where do I find it? If it is something someone has to create, how and where do we do that? 

Hi Alan,
We offer an Extension that can help you; it's called the Report Manager. It can be used to generate a report on session connections by time and a report on session events. Unfortunately, to use the extension, you must be an Admin. We do have a request registered to support a sub-admin role here if you'd like to add a +1/comment.