Add iOS screen sharing with Unattended Support

Jan 7 years ago updated by Rishikesh Gajul (Product Manager) 3 years ago 6

Hello, I am currently using GoToAssist and Teamviewer for two different purposes and am considering ScreenConnect as a potential replacement. However, I know that Teamviewer will be supporting iOS screensharing but I do not know that Screenconnect will. If there are no plans to enable this feature in Screenconnect, then this will be a deal breaker for me.

Please add iOS screen sharing with unattended support. I am specifically looking at signing up with your Remote Access packages.


I'd like to +1 this too! Given Teamviewer has shown it is now possible to screenshare (not remote control but its a start!). With more and more people going to portable iPad solutions, being able to see what they are looking at is a huge time saver.

Any update on this? iOS 11 added the ability for apps to access live screen sharing. Other remote support apps (TeamViewer, ZoHO Assist, & Bomgar) now have native apps that allow this feature. I've tested them and they work well. This is a "must have" feature for many MSPs who support users with iOS devices. Please consider adding this feature into current iOS app or re-design the app completely for a more native feel.

Considering for Future Release

Yes this would be very valuable