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Adding Lock/No Lock Roles for Admin and Host

Strong Eagle 6 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 5 years ago 2

We use SC to allow employees to remotely access their work computers from home.  Most employees can see their computer plus several more.  As a result, I have checked AccessLockMachineOnConnect to that users do not inadvertently barge into a running session.


However, as admin, I want to be able barge into a running session for support purposes.  In order to do this right now, I have to modify the config file by unchecking AccessLockMachineOnConnect, then re-install the app on the PC I want to get into.  I can then perform support functions and when I am done, I recheck AccessLockMachineOnConnect and re-install again on the remote machine.


This works, but, it would be desirable to enable an admin to be able to always access a PC without needing to login.  Is something like this possible?


Thank you.