record all activities while on remote session

Dulitha Gothmin 7 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 6

For auditing purpose we need to record all activities / Automatic screen record and save all the data to control server.

Hey Dulitha, 

We offer this with our Extended Auditing feature. It's packaged in our Premium bundle, see https://www.connectwise.com/software/control/pricing

It is also available in the self-hosted solution at no additional charge. 


I'd like to see it available even as an add-on for cloud hosted access session only subscriptions.

We use access subscriptions vs. tech subscriptions to allow the end users (not just techs) to access their computers remotely.  So while we would save money by going to the premium bundle, we can't because of the SC licensing restrictions and as it stands now can't do the recordings either. :(

I see your point there. If you don't mind, please register this as a separate request so we can internally track and gauge how many others would like this.

Hi Kirsten,


Thanks for that and just want to know that, Can we change the audit data location?

To clarify, are you referring to the location we store the videos?




Not possible to specify a different location for storage.