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Show IP address and/or computer name in OTP email

Cooper 7 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 1


Everyone who needs access to the screenconnect/control web interface is granted that via a security group in AD. However, there's a generic local admin account that's still available as a back door in the event the AD accounts don't work. The switch from local accounts to AD accounts was made recently, and it has been requested to keep that one local account open for now.

Email OTP has been setup for that admin account, and a group of people get the OTP email when someone tries to use that account.

My question is, can the OTP email include information like the IP address and/or computer name of the machine that accessed the web interface? I know the idea is that only one person would receive the OTP email with the code, but we all need that email since it's a generic account for any of us to use. Having additional details in that OTP email would make identifying the OTP requester easier.

Considering for Future Release