Considering for Future Release

NAS Support (Synology, QNAP, etc)

James Cocker 7 years ago updated by MSP Geek 2 years ago 8

It would be great if ScreenConnect could easily be installed on NAS devices, such as those by Synology or QNAP. Ideally in a supported way. Support for Docker could have made this a possibily, but this seems to have been shelved for now. So an alternative option is required. How about producing a Synology Package??

Considering for Future Release

Now that "Control" is dropping support for macOS next year, it would be great if you could provide Synology (or Docker) support to give those currently using Macs a viable alternative.

Would it be possible to have an update on whether this is likely to be in place by October, when Mac host support is being discontinued?

As if it's not, those currently using the Mac host could do with knowing now so that we can look into alternatives. Thanks. 

Hi James, 

We're still looking into this feature request. I will say, however, that we are not discontinuing Mac host support. As of October, we will no longer support macOS Server for on-premises installations. This does not affect guests and hosts using Macs. 

- Caitlin 

Hi Caitlin, 

Thanks. Yes, sorry, I think that's what I meant, "server", not "host". I currently use the ScreenConnect Mac installer to run the ScreenConnect server on my iMac running macOS 10.14, which I believe won't be possible from October, and would love to run it from my Synology NAS instead, either via Docker or natively.


Would be great to be able to have for qNAP as well. :)

Any update on the FR?