Considering for Future Release

Generate an .exe that can be run multiple times without creating a windows installed app.

Ed Jack 7 years ago updated by Marco Kraxner 5 years ago 8

Generate a client .exe connect file that can be run multiple times.

When terminated there would be no background process running and no windows program app to un-install.

This would enable us to ship this with our application and launch it whenever needed without forcing the client to navigate the internet and download the .exe file.

I would recommend trying out the guest session starter exe extension.

We tried this and it did not work the way we needed.

Still installed a windows app and would not run a 2nd time without un-installing the app.

I don't know how this could be done as ScreenConnect has to run as a service to do most of what it can do which from my knowledge, can only be done through a windows install. 

Also I think it should be uninstalling itself in the first place if you run a support or meeting session.

I am no expert on Screenconnect, but we use a competitive product that does run as an .exe and does not create a windows app entry and can be run multiple times. We are wanting to move away from this other product and screenconnect works well for us except for this one issue, which is a deal breaker.

We can run screen connect under the support mode, but if our support people forget to un-install when terminating the session, the client side cannot be re-started unless the app is un-installed. This may not sound like much, but many of our clients would have difficulty with this.

Hi Ed, we recently released an extension: "SOS Deployer", that may fit your needs. You can find it in the extension browser. Feel free to leave any feedback, or feature requests here: https://controlforum.connectwise.com/yaf_postst11223_Extension--SOS-Deployer.aspx

Considering for Future Release

I would very much appreciate if there was a portable EXE file that can be started without admin rights or installation of an application. I love Connectwise Control, but unfortunately the connection process is more difficult for customers than other remote control programs.