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Develop a native support/access desktop client for OS X / Linux

Matthew Thompson 7 years ago updated by Jonathan Mepham 4 years ago 7

My suggestion is simple in theory: Create a native support and access client for Mac OS X and Linux, rather than relying on Java.

For the developers, this is a pretty radical suggestion, one to which I am sure the developers of this software will groan upon reading.

Put simply: This is remote support software. It is used to support users. It should be as simple and trouble-free as possible. The server software is fine, but the client should have no annoying dependencies like Java or the .NET CLR. For Windows, the .NET client is fine because all modern Windows computers have it installed (if I was using this software 5 years ago, I would question this, though). 

I have spent far too much time fiddling with Linux because the robot class is flawed in later versions of the JRE 7 and 8. The OS X client is also hideous compared to the Windows one.

Has the flawed robot class alone prompted you guys and girls to question why you continue to rely on Java?

Is it really so radical to ask for native clients on OS X and Linux?


I can't believe this isn't a thing already. This needs to be done.

Considering for Future Release

I agree something native would be great. HTML5 client might also be a way to accomplish this. (Update: I found this https://control.product.connectwise.com/communities/1/topics/369-html5-client)

I agree that this needs to be a priority. Installing years old Java just to get basic remote control functionality working is ridiculous.

Where is this?  Issue still persists as reported here: https://controlforum.connectwise.com/yaf_postst9591_Ubuntu-16-04-MATE-session-video-issue.aspx.  Tested on Ubuntu 18.04.

We're shifting the office here to Ubuntu machines, and this is a big deal for us as we use Connectwise many times a day. there definitely needs to be a native Linux program as the Iced Tea workaround just isn't good enough