Ability to trigger LTSVC.exe to perform "Send Status" function via Control web-interface

Joshua A. Szántó 7 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 0

It would be super useful if the Control Agent could be triggered to trigger the LTSVC.exe Automate Agent to perform its "Send Status" function, and likewise if Automate (when integrated with Control) could trigger the Control Agent to perform this to speed up the execution of commands (particularly in turning on FasTalk). It doesn't make sense why a functionality as this wouldn't be a good idea in environments where both Automate and Control exist (and have an integration connection in place) -- rather than waiting several minutes for FasTalk to turn on NOC technicians end up abandoning Automate and throwing their weight on Control since Control responds to commands immediately. With that, though this is the wrong place to mention this, it would also be great if we could have the ability to execute commands through the Control Agent from Automate (as an alternate way of executing commands).


Hi Joshua, this would be an Automate improvement. I went ahead and forwarded this to the Automate product team for them to review. Please reach out for any other requests.