Add ability to make the screenshots larger that are visible on right of screen when in Connectwise Control for better viewing purposes.

jwilliams 7 years ago updated by Ron Redmond 2 years ago 6

The screenshots that are visible currently are to small and when a client is using multiple monitors it makes it hard to view what they are seeing on their screen.  The ability to make these screenshots larger for optimal viewing capability will help tremendously in this aspect.



i do not see this under Appearance tap



Using the Expand Thumbnail Preview Image Extension will allow you to enlarge the image of the remote machine. 

FYI: The quality of the image is controlled by the web.config settings 'GuestScreenshotMaxScalePercent' and 'GuestScreenshotMaxPixelCount'. Increasing the values to 80 and 3000000 provides a significantly clearer picture.


i do not see this under Appearance tap

Hi Ron,

That's because the option is not in Appearance tab. You will find it in Advanced Configuration Extension.

I do not have anything under configuration tab it is blank.

Says:   Administration page and click the Advanced tab:

I do not have an advanced option

I am using a standalone version

Seems you do not have Advanced Configuration Editor extension installed. Please get it installed to have Advanced tab on the Admin page and make necessary changes to preview.

I do have it installed. my problem I this is, the installed version is 19.0 and my license says I am entitled to to 20.

Current version under License tab.


Validation Status: SuccessUsage Report: 0 concurrent

Protect-ip Glogal Solutions; 190822724883; Issued 8/22/2019; 8 concurrent sessions

and under status tab

Your Version:20.7.29305.7496Latest Version:21.14.5924.8013Latest Eligible Version:20.8.29679.7530Download Location:https://www.connectwise.com/software/control/download