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Limit/stagger execution of Toolbox to "x" number of simultaneous guests to prevent Host server overutilization

Derick Neel 7 years ago updated by Scott Linak 6 years ago 2

We recently started using the Toolbox to to deploy software and setting to Session Groups by setting up zip files to take advantage of the .SCAPP file extension.  We've discovered that if the SCAPP happens to be a larger file (more than a few MB) and it is sent to more than a few dozen Guests, then the server splits the bandwidth and resources across all of those devices at once.
This results in a very slow experience for all of the connected hosts, and cause the tool to take a much longer than expect time to download and eventually execute.  Since the download dialog shows up in the Windows UI, it's also best for it to finish as quickly as possible.

Basically  - we'd be looking for a way to put in a configurable hard limit of simultaneous Tool execution (like 10 or 20 once) and place the rest of the requests into a Queue, and have the server process the queue until all of the Guests are finished

@Derick Neel can you describe a bit more about your specific .scapp?  What exactly does it do?