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Client opening window position / scaling, perhaps client+host level window position memory

Zach Hardin 6 years ago updated by Nicholas Aguirre 5 years ago 7 2 duplicates

I am using a large 4K display ... Each time I connect to a host, I have to rescale the window size due to my resolution. I have tried several window manager utilities and they don't seem to work quite right. What I think would be perfect would be a client+host memory of window size/position. If I was connecting from two different machines, both of those machines would maintain a separate memory of the position for each remote host. This could even be elaborated on one level further, such that it was Profile+Client+RemoteHost as the key for the size/position. This could allow definition of remote control 'groups' that could connect to multiple hosts with one action. When the profile is launched, the multiple remote connections position themselves according to the last position remembered for that local client + profile combination. This would facilitate my movement between machines with minimal irritation... I'm on the verge of coding something to do this myself, it's that irritating to have to manually resize these windows every time I connect to a host. Something like this should be a high priority, it's one of those kinds of annoyances that make people jump products on a whim...

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Seconded. I have to resize my windows all the time. As 4K screens become more and more common, I think this should be added in some form to screenconnect.

I have the same request.  It is annoying to have to move the window to my viewing screen every time.  Thanks.

I am right there with you.  What would be really great if we could resize SC Windows because they supported features in Windows 10 UI like Snap.  I wouldn't be as annoyed if i could use Hot Keys to move SC Windows around my Monitors ( I have 1 4K, 2 2K and one 1920x1080 Monitor in a Multi-Monitor Setup)

Its all well and good but that can be a later update. It should be easy for CWC to default to only opening the default screen on the guest system. Why would we ever need to see all the screens by default? In 99% of the cases, I open the guest session and have to go up and tell the system to switch to a single monitor. I don't care about the position of the window but when changing from 2 or 3 screens down to one the window doesn't resize to the full size of my screen. I have a larger screen with plenty of real estate but the window of the guests desktop stays small in the middle of my screen which means I either need to make it full screen or drag the edges till it uses more space on my screen.