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Block Touch Screen input on Client Device when Blocking Guest Input

Stephen Bowden 7 years ago updated by Jonathan Hemmings 2 years ago 6

When blocking Guest Input - Keyboard and Mouse, if the device has a touch screen the Guest can still interact using the touch screen.  Would it be possible to investigate if the Touchscreen input can be disabled as well ?

I have noticed this with newer touch screen terminals in the POS industry. The newer touch support and 10 point touch displays seem to be the cause. Windows reports this in Control Panel\System and Security\System "Pen and Touch".

If I disable the HID-Compliant Touch Screen in device manager, the terminal can no longer be used by the guest. This makes sense obviously since touch is gone. After this change the system no longer reports that touch is available. We had to accommodate this in our software at my company. 

A touchpad on a portable is also not blocked.

Just confirmed this on a  Acer Nitro 5 (Windows 10) AN515-51

I've confirmed this on my own touchscreen device, that blocking mouse/keyboard won't block touchscreen.

HP Pavilion 21 all-in-one desktop (touchscreen)

Considering for Future Release

This would be a nice feature to have. We are an EPOS provider and all of our devices are touch screen. Any updates on this as its 4 years old?