add a setting to ScreenConnect server that allows you to specify the startup type for the ScreenConnect client service for installed clients

Ryan 8 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 4

so, you can have a web.config setting that designates if you want to change the service to Automatic, Automatic (Delayed), or Disabled.

Version 5.6 will improve the start up functionality which is the root of the issue. Early builds will start appearing soon for testing.

This doesn't address the request.  I too want to change the setting and I do it manually.  The problem is, that after I have changed it to a delayed start, subsequent reinstalls of the software reset it back to normal.

Hi Howard, 

The original request was submitted to solve a Windows 8 issue where a OS change affected the client start up process. Can you give us more information about your use case, so we can explore the request?