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Password for specifics session

Mitchell 7 years ago updated by clinet 6 years ago 2

Please provide more information. Do you want to require a password on individual sessions before a connection can be established?

I suspect this is what I want, which is to be able to restrict access to Managed Credentials (stored passwords) on a per Connectwise-Control-user basis.  So if my CW Control user account logs in I see and can use the stored password to log into the sytem.  But if I have another CW Control user login I can control whether they even have this feature as an option at all, or possibly they just have their own password saved seperate from what I have saved.  This way I can save my domain admin password, and they either can't use my stored password, or possibly can save their own non-domain admin password for access to that system.  Either options would solve my need.  I'm not sure if this is what the OP was after, but that is what I interpreted it to say, and what I want.