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michael 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 2

I would love to be able to offer my clients access to their systems. Can you all look into a licensing model that would allow a lower pricing model for client access as opposed to technician. A hybrid licensing model. 

For instance: 
1 technician license for standard + multiple one licenses hosted on the same server instance. 

Each license would be assigned to a user to maintain licensing compliance. Or assign a type of license to a user for them to share. This would keep with the current license model of one tech from one location per license. I would purchase say 3 one licenses for client use. Assign the one license group to the user's login and they would all share the pool of 3 licenses. Similar to how it works for a tech license now. 

It's much easier to sell access to my clients with the software already installed than to have multiple remote access utilities on the workstations.

I can probably sell a $20/month license as a month to month over $42. Pricing can be lower as they will not be using the services often and will probably never use the support feature. Maybe even sell it is an access only subscription for $15 with 1 session per license and $20 for 2 sessions. Customers don't need more. Maybe have an add-on for meetings. 


Yes, I am well aware I can have multiple instances, but why would I want to install multiple agents to the workstation? 

Actually... the free tech license assigned to a customer login would work in most cases.

Considering for Future Release