Full Control of Samsung Galaxy Tablets

jmontag 7 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 7

I downloaded both APK files that are listed on the screenconnect.com/download page. Neither file let me fully control a Samsung tablet. I could see the screen and tab through apps but my mouse clicks wouldn't work. Is there something I need to do to get my mouse clicks to work? Thanks!

Mouse clicks starting working after reinstall. When I set up an unattended access it disconnects and doesn't come back until I set up another session. Why is this? Thanks!


After you set up unattended access on the device can you connect to it? When you say "it disconnects..." what do you mean by disconnect? Does the device show up on the session list? Does the unattended session show on the app? What exactly happens? "doesn't come back until I set up another session" - set up another unattended session on the same device? 

Yes I can connect to it. The device shows up on the session list and the unattended session still shows on the app. After I walk away for 10 mins the device still shows on the session list but not connected. When I look at the app the session is still showing as active. The only thing I can do is remove that session and start another one to get the tablet back onto my session list, but after walking away it disconnects again. Thanks!

It'll be best if you let our Support team take a look at the behavior you're seeing. Please create a ticket or start a chat with them here, https://www.screenconnect.com/Support

Good Morning, Did you get this issue resolved with support?

Yes. Thanks!