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Additional General Info extension change script directory

Cody Arnold 6 years ago updated by Sean White 6 years ago 1

For the "Additional General Info" Extension
We have an issue where when it runs the following PS script

echo "CommandType: General"
echo "ContentType: xml"
echo ""
$Host.UI.RawUI.BufferSize = New-Object Management.Automation.Host.Size (500, 25)
$computer = get-wmiobject win32_computersystem | select Manufacturer, Model
$bios = get-wmiobject win32_bios | select Name, SerialNumber
write-output $computer.Manufacturer, $computer.Model, $bios.Name, $bios.SerialNumber| ConvertTo-Xml -As Stream

So then it appears it creates a VB script under C:\Windows\Temp with a name that isn't static like so.



it changes each time.

Our AV software we use on our clients networks blocks this from running and we're definitely not going to whitelist C:\Windows\Temp and I can't wildcard exclude, my exclusions have to be exact down to the exact file name.

So that being said is there a way this can be changed to where it runs out of like a predetermined location where it can be whitelisted like a program files directory for screenconnect & a "Scripts" Directory or something rather.

This extension is super useful to us for collecting information on the fly, as it sits right now all customers which have script control enabled in antivirus which is over 90% of them it doesn't work for us.