Blank screen blanks another remote host. see descrip

Larry 8 years ago updated by John Newcomb 7 years ago 3

"One question though, when I have a 3rd party vendor remote into a machine with me using teamviewer, it seems to blank the screen out for them as well. Is there any way to make the blanking only apply to the users's monitor but will allow access from other on-demand remote software?" Ticket 7665564

Sounds like it's working as intended. You're sharing the client's screen --that you've blacked out--. If you want to share a screen with someone else, you should unblank it.

Xander, I think you were a bit too quick to answer here. Larry brings a very valid point. Is it possible to allow 3rd party remote access but at the same time, blank the user's display? I am sometimes on a remote session with a 3rd party vendor and the client start using the computer.