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Apply Windows keys "On this computer", "On remote computer", or "Only in full screen", like Microsoft RDP.

Mxyzptlk 7 years ago updated by Sean White 6 years ago 1

("Windows keys" includes Alt+Tab, any combination of the Windows key and another key, PrintScreen, and more.  See Microsoft KB for details.)

Currently, any time we want to send a Windows key to our local computer, we have to:

1.  Grab the mouse.

2.  Find something innocuous to click on.

3.  Click on it.

4.  Put hands back on the keyboard.

5.  Press Windows key.

(This solution was suggested by Support.)

Very time consuming.  Most of the time I don't want the Windows key sent to the remote computer, so it happens a lot.

Using the PrintScreen key to print the remote screen is *

very* tricky.

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