Add Computer Name and IP Address to system tray icon status

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Partner wants the Computer Name and IP Address to appear in the ScreenConnect system tray icon hover to aid in finding machines when depending on the guest for information.

User Story: Partner owns a access only license to service multiple customers. When a customer needs assistance, they call the partner and give their machine name or IP, so the host can find their machine. Most customers have no way to find this information quickly. Adding a hover over option will allow the guest to provide the host with info to find their machine quickly.

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We made this work by setting the LAN IP as a global environment variable and then calling the already present hostname variable and the new IP address in the ScreenConnect installer, so our sessions follow a '%HOSTNAME% - %IP%' format. When you hover over the ScreenConnect tray icon (customized with our company logo), you then get the hostname and IP address. The bad news is that if we change either values after install, the session name isn't updated. We'd like to see this too so that we don't have to use this workaround

As a quick note, to help quickly find a session in 6.0, you can have the customer send a chat using the Message panel and then follow the 'chat notification' on the Session List to find it: https://help.screenconnect.com/ScreenConnect_6.0_Release_Notes#New_and_improved_UI#Chat_notification_icon

this would be really helpful as we have people who use generic workstations

Considering for Future Release