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Remote Printing Margins

Hillary Parker 6 years ago updated by Ed Deiaco-Lohr 4 years ago 4

We use a program that prints receipts and reports for us that have very specific margins. We have no trouble printing these things out normally, yet when we try to remotely print via ConnectWise, the margins are being cut off by about 0.5" on each side. These receipts and reports are extremely important to our business, so if we aren't able to control the printing margins or have them widened on ConnectWise, perhaps we need to switch back to LogMeIn Pro.

I found that the issue is the printer driver that Control uses when mapping printers because when I manually go into the printer properties of the mapped printer I can change it to the real print driver and it works great. I wonder if they would be able to pull the driver to some extent over to the remote machine when it install the printer.


We found out recently that if Control sees the same print driver installed that is in use for the remote printer, it will use that printer driver.  It fixed a margin issue we were having. 

To install a driver, extract the driver to a locateable folder on the remote PC

Go to the properties of an existing printer -> Advanced -> New Driver...

Use 'Have Disk...' to browser to and select the needed printer driver

Use 'Apply' in the printer properties to save the new driver

Change the printer driver back to the original driver, 'Ok' and close

Example: Customer uses a Brother MFC-8810DW printer in their Branch office. 

Connects to Main Office PC1 to print documents on PC1, sending the print jobs to the Branch Office PC2

By default, ScreenConnect will use the 'Microsoft XPS Class Driver'

If the same driver used on PC2 for the MFC-8810DW is installed on PC1, ScreenConnect will use that driver instead

Printer will then behave identically to how it prints locally.

I made sure both drivers match at home and office, but when I print, it runs through the progress bar, then kicks me out.  When I come back in, the crappy XPS driver is re-installed.