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Show selected device name in browser tab

cps 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 0

This is a similar issue to what was addressed two years ago in the feature request "Computer name before application name in title".

While multi-tasking across several trouble tickets, a tech might have several different host views open in different browser tabs. By default, each tab has the same title, "ConnectWise Control Remote Support Software", which is defined by the web resource Page.Title. This means that all browser tabs have the same title, making it impossible to distinguish them without clicking on each one.

I propose that it would be more useful and powerful for the browser tab to show something more meaningful. The simplest solution would be for the tab to show the name of the currently selected device. If no device is selected, but a group is selected, show the name of the group. If neither a device nor group is selected, then revert to the default Page.Title text.

A slightly more complex version of this would be to allow the display of a user definable "Custom Property" field of the currently selected device.