Basic VNC Integration

Serg 6 years ago updated by ChadLyon 2 years ago 8

I'm requesting VNC integration for the situation where certain devices do not allow the loading of the SC client because the devices in question don't run a traditional OS, but support VNC connections. In our case the device is a Wyse thin client running ThinOS. The integration wouldn't be more than having the connection within the Access list, and only the basic ability to remote control. No file transfer, Toolbox, command prompt, etc. An extension for this would be great and I'm surprised there is not one already available.

Hi Serg, 

We are exploring the possibilities of developing it as a bridge service and offering it as an extension of the application. This is over in our development queue right now, but if there are any new major updates you'll hear about them here.

Thanks for the info Kirsten! Yes, some type bridge would be fantastic. In our particular use case, only IT technicians would be using it so it doesn't have to be totally polished (for example, data traffic is over gigbit LAN so it doesn't need to be bandwidth optimized). I'll keep an eye out on this thread for updates.

Your wok on this is appreciated!

I would like to use this VNC as well, But my scnerio would be different. I use Intel VPRO for controlling the power in my environment. Would be nice to have a way to access the VPRO by VNC in rare instances that a PC was down and not responding. 

Be nice to also be able to control power on PC's with the Intel VPRO, possibly have an online PC at a location control vpro enabled PC's in that subnet or local lan? that would be awesome!

We would also bennefit greatly from something like this. Use case the same as Serg