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Aspect Ratio or Scroll Bars on Remote Connection

ClarkFellows 6 years ago updated by c g 3 months ago 4 1 duplicate

The ability to select an aspect ratio, or allow a user to use a type of scroll bar on the remote connection in order to only view a certain section of a screen. For example, a user wants to keep a ConnectWise Control session where they only see half of the monitor to work with, and not the entire monitor.

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I agree with this. My previous remote control would let me either keep the aspect ratio or use scroll bars and it made it awesome. I could use aspect ratio, for instance, and drag 6 PC's on one monitor and be able to see the entire screen. Very useful when you are setting up multiple PC's at a time. You could basically setup an assembly line  of installing software on each machine equally without having to switch between screens.

To add to this, I also want the ability to stretch the screen when I resize the remote control piece.

Is there any progress regarding this request?

Nowadays a lot of users have ultra wide screen monitors and since this is displayed as one big window it is really becoming an issue, even if I use an ultra wide screen monitor myself. The possibility to resize the window without resizing the displayed content, so that you can crop out a specific region of interest, as initially requested, would help a lot.

An additional nice feature would be for ScreenConnect to allow splitting one monitor into multiple areas (e.g. split one 3840x1080 monitor into two 1920x1080 monitors).