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App Settings Sync Regularly

jeremy awecomm 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 1

I'm not sure why the app settings do not sync by default and why a reinstall/redeploy of the agent is required when all that's changing is the app.config file. It's a lot of overhead to have to follow up on this, have no insight into what endpoint have the current app.config settings and which don't, etc. Ideally we would see simple yes/no indicator of whether the settings are in sync, maybe a last sync timestamp, etc. We should be able to specify how often to re-sync, when to restart the service to apply the new settings, etc. If the new settings are not present and applied/loaded on the endpoint, we should have some way of seeing that. Many of these settings have significant security impact (like lock on disconnect, for example) so this is more of a need than a want IMO.