Considering for Future Release

ConnectWise Meeting video chat

tschwall 6 years ago updated by Max Shipek 4 years ago 5

Ability to utilize streaming from a webcam during a meeting.  From a presenter and/or participants.


How often are you using the meeting component in the application? How many participants are usually in a meeting you host? 

My company uses the meeting component weekly.  We are looking to use it more frequently.  But since this feature is not available we are currently looking into another option.

We typically have 2-3 participants during our meetings currently.

Thanks for the additional information. We'll look into adding this, but I don't not have an ETA as of today. 

Considering for Future Release

We also would like to use this feature for our monthly and weekly sales meetings, approximately 8-12 in attendance.  We currently use ConnectWise Control Access and Support for customers and machine management and Zoom for the meetings portion.  Would be awesome if we could use ConnectWise for all of it.