The ability to blank the screen as in disable the monitor on the guest side instead of black the screen.

mike potgoreanu 6 years ago updated by anonymous 6 years ago 6

We would like the ability to blank the screen on the guest side to disable the monitor. Black screen still shows some interaction on the guest PC.

Hi Mike,

Have you tried blocking the guest's input along with blanking their monitor(s)?


That doesn't disable the monitor. All it does is put a black overlay on the screen and the guest can still see you interacting with PC.

Last time I used it they could still see you moving the mouse around but the screen itself was black.. caused more problems than it solved.

Hey guys,

So, we were only able to programatically hide the taskbar on machines loaded w/ Windows 10. See the post here for more information.

We can take a look into masking the cursor when blank screen is enabled.