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Add CTRL + ALT + DEL to main toolbar

DonS 8 years ago updated by Davison 5 years ago 8

Add the CTRL + ALT + DEL command to main toolbar as a button instead of being in sub-menu. Especially a time saver for network admins accessing workstation on unattended setup.

+1 - I agree. Our team got used to this functionality when previously using TeamViewer and would be happy if it was implemented into ScreenConnect

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How about knowing that you are on the login screen and just presenting a dialog box with a big ok/cancel button overlaid like what LogMeIn did. Granted with LMI I could also have it auto-enter the creds for me, which I guess could be done if the credentials have been provided by the user, but it seems more intuitive to have it in the remote window vs. the toolbar at the top.


I'm not necessarily against this idea but just in case people don't know, you can use the CTRL+ALT+HOME keyboard shortcut to send CTRL+ALT+DEL to a remote system. (And even if the toolbar option gets added I'll continue to use the keyboard shortcut as I find it faster.)

I did know that, however, when your on a cell phone or other mobile devices where the keyboard isn't readily available or is an additional step this comes in handy.

Because of an already crowded top level menu, we probably will not add any additional buttons to the desktop host client. Karl is right about the short cut: https://help.screenconnect.com/Keyboard_mapping_and_keyboard_shortcuts_reference . This request should be to expose the Ctrl-Alt-Del function to the mobile device toolbar if that is the primary concern. This enhancement, however, would be only saving one button click as CAD is the top option in the misc menu. Can you expand on why the current method is inconvenient, so I can paint a picture for dev and the need for this feature?

What would really be nice is the ability to customize the client menu via config files.  While I understand that keyboard shortcuts can help I think it would still be greatly beneficial if administrators could highly customize the menu (potentially even removing items).  I personally don't use half of the menu items, but very frequently use a select few commands.  If I had the option, I would configure around 5 commands as top level buttons and have all the other stuff grouped as nested sections under the last button.