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change the Reporting API (Report manager) from UTC To other time Zone

cstang 6 years ago updated by Weston Technologies 2 years ago 5

change the Reporting API (Report manager) from UTC To other time Zone


Reporting 2.0 (Reporting Dashboard) was updated to include a checkbox to enable client time. If the checkbox is checked, all datetime output is rendered in client (browser) local time. If the checkbox is not checked, all datetime output is rendered in server local time. Note, you must be on a Premium License in order to use this extension.

Yeah, but Reporting 2.0 simply doesn't hit the mark - by a long shot.  It doesn't include video recordings, times are always all over the place, exporting is hit and miss, and we have to remember to use the custom field to filter by company.  As a mater of fact, filtering in general stinks.  Between audits and reporting, it just seems that I have to goto two places for different types of reporting, I just want everything all in one spot and the ability to filter out all that junk stuff like the disconnects and reconnects, I don't need that, but if I just goto the report section, I don't get the recordings.  Reporting and auditing have to be overhauled big time.  Screenconnect is hands down the most robust platform.  But take a look at TeamViewer reporting and how they show the connection times with a video link right there, etc.

I say no. All log times should be in UTC always to eliminate any confusion over the actual time something happened.  This is very common practice in log handling. This is especially important where it's an API / M2M interface. 

UTC should be used in the DB, but location-aware reporting is a must.  It's also inconsistent with reporting throughout the rest of the platform to have technician reports come out with UTC time instead of local time.  We shouldn't have to take time zone, daylight savings time, and the phases of the damned moon into consideration every time we need to track a remote session.  It's 2022, location awareness is built into pretty much everything, and it's time for an update.  This is just laziness.