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Prioritize feature requests based on votes and update us on feature request more often.

JesseFarris 6 years ago updated by Mike Bannerman 6 years ago 1

I don't know about the rest of the ScreenConnect community, but I'm starting to not trust these feature requests. There are several request with 75+ up-votes that are over 2 years old. Whats the point of this if the request we are most wanting are never implemented. I mean, we have requests that are "Considering for future release" that have 6 up-votes. Also, these higher requests should be updated by the site admins so users know whats going on with them. This will probably get taken down, but if it doesn't, please up-vote this to number one.

Hi Jesse, 

Thanks for your post. We rarely take posts down.  We like to hear all of the feedback from our partners.

Votes are a big component of what goes into prioritization of a feature. Level of difficulty and partner impact also weigh into our decision. It just so happens that the top requests in our forum are the two most architecturally complex items in our queue. We investigate every issue for feasibility, but realistically every request won't make it into the product. I'll look through the top ten features and try to give an update on each one over the next week.