Considering for Future Release

Invitation Customization include the session name

edl867 6 years ago updated 4 years ago 8

Would like to include the session name when sending an invitation to a support session.

Want it in the email subject as well as the HTML portion of the invitation email.

Would also like to have cc capability or multiple recipients capability on the email invitation.

Because the session name can be easily changed, we want to continue to key sessions off of the ID. It is possible to change the session name on the invitation if you launch the invitation into your own mail client; from there it is editable. Also, we generally assume support sessions are one to one, one host and one guest. In which cases would you need to send an invitation for support to several people at once?

The reason to send it to two recipients is to  have a copy sent to the account billing team. 

It also seems absurd to have to send it to my email and then edit all of the forwarding info out of it and then edit the session info as well. And then when the session ended trigger fires it included the information so it becomes difficult to match up. 

Why not add the session name and make it simple to track and administer. 

Please consider adding this functionality.

Considering for Future Release

Is there any movement on this? 

Would love to use this feature. 

it would be great if this would be available soon. If there were more fields like this then the emails would allow for better tracking and follow up. 

The future is now, any progress on this?