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Volker Varwig 8 years ago updated by anonymous 7 years ago 8

Provide a msi Package for a silent installation

I think there needs to be some thought about handling updates this way as well.

I don't want to have to update the MSI in group policy every time there is a new SC release. I currently use a startup script to check for its existence and install if necessary, but then I'm continually having to upgrade access clients manually.

First Question: We already supply an MSI package for Access agents does this fulfill your needs?

Second: Either in 6.0 or 6.1 we'll provide an URL that you can use to download the MSI so in the future you could write a script that will update your agents through GPO. In theory, you could do this now with request URL, but we'll make it simpler.

Yes, that's it. Does that help you? If not, could you please explain in more detail what it is you need?

Dear Kirsten,

we will evaluate this and I`ll give you a feedback asap.



Pending Review

We make a "group" that shows all "old" clients, and periodically go through and just select them all and do a "reinstall", which upgrades them. Having the clients auto-upgrade themselves would be nice, though. Then I could leave a 5.2 version msi in the group policy, knowing that the software will upgrade itself to the latest version the first time it connects to the server.

Auto update of agents is already a feature that you simply need to turn on. Instructions noted here https://help.screenconnect.com/Reinstalling_and_upgrading_an_unattended_access_client