Delegate password reset authority

cps 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 2

I own and administrate my self-hosted ScreenConnect and I work with a half dozen technicians who have login accounts. I have had a occasions where a tech needed his password to be reset. The problem is that I am not always available and may be out of reach for days at a time. If a user cannot log in that can bring productivity to a halt.

I would like to be able to delegate the authority to reset passwords to one or more technicians without granting them full admin authority. Right now I believe the only way I can grant this authority to another person is to make that person a full admin.

Can we split off that particular role as a separate line item so that we can define a level of administration permissions that are less than complete "god" permissions? Also, a person with that level of permissions should not be able to reset the password of the "god" admin.

I am not a control freak, I swear!



There are two preexisting requests that fall in line with yours. See 




We have the second request scheduled for development. 

I am going to close out this request, but please let me know if the two linked would not solve your request. 

I think you are correct that my concerns are covered by these two other requests, although the wording is muddy in the first one so I'm not entirely sure. If it is saying that it should be possible to have a sub-administrator role that can perform some, but not all, administrative functions, then yes, that would do it, provided that one of the assignable capabilities is password reset.

Regarding the other request for a "forgot password" feature, in effect that allows for self-administration to a degree so would obviously be very useful in dealing with password resets.

Thank you.