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Group Sessions by $USERROLES (As applied by SAML)

ricky lewis 6 years ago updated 6 years ago 5

Hi ricky,

Please provide a bit more information.

How would you use this grouping? 


Basically we want to be able to automatically group users support sessions based on their assigned role/roles:


Role: Service Desk Analyst

Session Group: Service Desk Analyst Support Sessions

The idea is to automatically group sessions without the need for the users to prefix session names, add an organisation or anything really. This would massively simplify the administration of the system for us.

So, for this to be automated we'd need to identify the host. For that to happen, the default Host field would probably be used. Some sessions, such as ones initiated by a guest, will not contain a host in the Host field, so those may fall out of automatic grouping. I'd like to know more about the work flow being used. Do you have time to get on a call for a few minutes? 



I do indeed, I'll select tomorrow, but I am free today