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Screen Blank - layer overlay Issues

Cat Goode 6 years ago updated by eurogame_ro 6 years ago 2


Apparently this is a feature request, not a bug. 

The issue is that with Screen blanking people can see things occurring, such as dropdown boxes, which I cannot see on my side of the connection. I have been told.

Thu 5/31/2018/10:56 PM UTC-04/ Mike Hulme (time)- Hey Cat, Thank you for contacting ConnectWise Control Support, and my apologies on the trouble. It is true that your mouse or other menus (especially layered ones) may bleed through. At it's core, it's really just a single layer overlay over the top, so anything layered would still bleed through. As strange as it sounds, I'm afraid it would be a feature request to overhaul that process. Our development team would love to hear from you with regard to this directly, and you can do so via our user echo portal found here: Http://control.product.connectwise.com/forums/1-new-features/ Let us know if you have any additional questions about the above and have a wonderful day. Regards, Mike Hulme

We just subscribed and I also think that the screen blanking could be improved a bit. I love the part that you can customize it with messages and colors, but since most of our access clients are kiosk machines in public places and we already have questions like why that mouse is moving everywhere without no one being near the station, it would be nice if the mouse would be hidden behind the blank screen...so they would wait patiently until the maintenance is done.