Calling card applet

Alex307 6 years ago updated by Caitlin M Barnes (Product Manager) 6 years ago 2

The majority of our clients have strict software restriction policies set via Group Policy in Windows that restrict applications from running the in Local Appdata folders.

The ScreenConnect one time client has a fairly long path and a different EXE file name every time it’s downloaded, which makes it very difficult to exempt from the SRP.

Unfortunately, a lot of our clients wouldn’t approve the access client as they don’t want us having unrestricted/unattended access to all of their machines without user interaction – or the ability for the user to disable.

Our suggestions - what Logmein currently does:

Get around this issue by having a calling card application – which can be installed through group policy. Essentially the user has an applet on their machine which they open and can enter the session code – which means they’re authorizing access and are aware we’re logging into their machine.