Considering for Future Release

Allow on-prem instances to install paid extensions.

EBell 6 years ago updated by Justin Seifert 3 years ago 7

While review new extensions available in the marketplace, I noticed some Paid extensions (Remote Diagnostics Toolbox, Report Manager). I contacted sales to see how on-prem users can install these extensions. I was told these are for Premium SaaS customers only. On-prem customers would like to be able to install these as well.

Considering for Future Release
Considering for Future Release

Please get this done, dont make on-prem customers second class citizens. I'm willing to pay for the extensions, your losing money by not making it available. 

Please could you look into this again.  The premium features would be worth paying for for us.

Absolutely.  We use an on-prem instance for better control and security and it feels like we are treated like second-class citizens.