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option to run cmd commands from host page as end user instead of admin

Xyvir 5 years ago updated by Jon Travis 3 years ago 3

For example currently running whoami returns the following:

nt authority\system

I would like an option to run the command as the current end user, so instead whoami would display:


There are many applications that assume you are running from the current end user.

Thanks for the help with this!


Available in Version:
Considering for Future Release

This is critical to me! My company is piloting connectwise control to replace LogMeIn. Our application is database driven and runs as a service account and stores its data in a Microsoft LocalDB Database. In order to apply patches, updates, query the data, etc, you have to run as the service account. for example "runas /user:username cmd.exe sqlcmd -S (localdb)\mssqllocaldb enter query here" While this can be done by connecting in to the host session in ConnectWise Control, in LogMeIn I can actually login to the machine as the service account and access a full powershell and command prompt. This would be a major loss of functionality and ability to efficiently support our clients without interrupting their work. I would imagine the same is true for many users.